Stands for Napkins and Accessories

We offer renting stands for exclusive paper napkins, quality candles and accessories which capture the attention of every customer by their designs, wide range of colours and themes. The stands are available in following colours: dark gold, dark blue, silver. We can meet your requirements after consultation.

Unique 3-layer napkins cannot be omitted while dining. They add a touch of luxury and elegance to your dining atmosphere.

You can enhance the décor of a wedding, green ribbon party, jubilee, birthday party, reception or any other occasional party where you will definitely surprise, please and captivate your guests.

You can use them also like:

  • a small napkin on café tables, as well as in restaurants or hotel rooms
  • a replacement of textile napkins for everyday dining in your restaurant or at various parties
  • a decoration on a set table

By using them, you will meet all the requirements of your customers, who are becoming more demanding and do not want their party set in classic colours with classic napkins.

Napkins are available in five sizes, as follows: 40 x 40 cm, 33 x 33 cm, 25 x 25 cm, 33 x 42cm and circle-shaped napkins with a 32 cm diameter. One set consists of 16 to 20 pieces of napkins, depending on the type. Designs: wedding, birthday, spring, Easter, summer, autumn, Christmas, plain or napkins with a child theme. There are more than 100 themes.

There are two sizes of candles for stands; 10 cm and 8 cm high. To every candle, we offer an identical napkin with the same theme for easier, prettier and more harmonic matching.

Fireplace matches in a trendy decorative box are part of the stands as well as cork mats with a stylish theme. In a napkin collection you can find napkin sets of 33 x 33 cm size including two conical candles.

Our sales representatives regularly take care of the napkin stands and supply and change them by seasons and latest trends, when necessary. The latest trends are being prepared.