Deluxe Gift Bags

For more demanding clients we offer deluxe gift bags of various sizes for a perfect gift wrapping. Deluxe gift bags will charm and please you by their original and modern style. Our gift bags are gems among bags and customers will be enchanted by them at first sight. Deluxe gift bags are made of firm quality material so they can bear a heavier gift as well. Moreover, all deluxe gift bags are equipped with beautiful delicate ribbons which enhance the pleasure when presenting your gifts.

They differ in design from classic gift bags. 180-220g paper, embossing, matt - shiny design, laminated by shiny foil, glitter, 3D pattern. Each deluxe bag includes a small card for writing your wish or receiver´s name.

Deluxe gift bags are available in our shops.

To support our sales, we provide to our customers free stands for paper bags of different sizes and designs. We motivate our dealers to offer and promote goods; and we try to increase their selling power.

Our sales representatives regularly maintain and update the gift bag stands and supply and change them by season, when necessary.

Our main priority is customer´s satisfaction, therefore we try to meet every demand and be as helpful as possible.