Deluxe Diaries

MODO ARTE luxurious diaries are precisely printed on first-quality material so they are shiny with an attractive cloth effect. These beautiful diaries are made of deluxe paper so that you will be pleased when taking your notes and writing down your thoughts.

We carry a multiple variety of quality designs, themes; diaries are available with imprinted patterns, embossing, magnetic flaps, elastic tape.

VENZI collection represents delicately made and tailored diaries, which create a playful field to write down your notes. An elegant and sophisticated mixture of leather materials and textures in a stylish scale of colours makes the diaries universal partners at work, home office or while travelling.

Spacious pocket - case for all free paper and notes is a great advantage of almost all types of diaries.

They are coated, wrapped in a safety foil, marked by the EAN code and collection title, placed in a cardboard stand.