Paper Gift Bags

If you want to give a prestigious gift wrapping of purchased product to your client/customer, paper gift bags are the right choice. It is a modern and stylish idea. After the gift has carefully been selected, the wrapping should be as important as the gift itself. When you wrap your gift into a pretty gift bag, the value of the gift increases. In one set, there are 12 pieces of gift bags. A set consists of gift bags of one size in a number of colourful patterns.

We offer plain or colourful gift bags with various patterns and themes. Customers are really fond of seasonal theme gift bags such as Christmas, Easter, St Valentine´s gift bags and for the youngest, there is a collection of Disney gift bags with favourite cartoon characters. We offer a variety of quality gift bags; you can choose from standard/classic to deluxe ones. There are 14 sizes.

By prior agreement, it is possible to make special gift bags as per your special order.