To support the sales, our company provides to its customers free stands for paper bags, napkins, candles and accessories in various sizes and designs. We motivate our business partners to offer and promote goods; and we try to increase their selling power.

Sale support is an activity focused on increasing the volume of sale. It is a means which ensures the marketing of products; it offers something which is lucrative for a consumer, but is not a natural part of the service.

If you want to give a prestigious gift wrapping of purchased product to your client/customer, paper gift bags are the right choice. It is a modern and stylish idea.

Customers like artistic long-time gift bags and they often use them when shopping. There are gift bags of various colours, patterns and themes; you can choose plain or imprinted gift bags. Customers are really fond of seasonal theme gift bags such as Christmas, Easter, St Valentine´s gift bags and for the youngest, there is a collection of Disney gift bags with favourite cartoon characters. We offer standard-classic gift bags for less demanding clients and deluxe gift bags, which satisfy more demanding customers as well.

There are fourteen different sizes with 12 pieces of various themes in a set.

A high-quality and elegant gift bag is a handy present as well. Feel free to contact us and ask about atypical sizes of gift bags.

Our sales representatives regularly maintain and update the gift bag stands and supply and change them by seasons, when necessary.

Our main priority is customer´s satisfaction, therefore we try to meet every demand and be as helpful as possible.